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Soft Touch Moving & Storage 3150 S. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN 47401
Phone: 812.333.4755
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Please fill out the following form with information about yourself and your upcoming move.
One of our staff members will email you an estimate based on the information provided.



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about our estimates

Over the phone or email estimates are NOT binding. Binding estimates are given only with onsite estimate and signed scope of work.

Occasionally there are additional charges that might apply to your move.  Packing materials are an additional cost; however if you pack all items and you are ready on the day of the move, you will not be charged for materials. Also if the scope of items we’ve been asked to move is different from the original description or circumstances such as long carries or several flights of stairs aren’t disclosed prior to the move, additional charges will be accrued.

Our team will alert you of the need for additional charges and ask that you sign off on those charges.