Moving can be overwhelming unless you are organized and have a plan. Here are some helpful tips to make the process go much smoother. Our guide helps you plan your moving schedule and tells you what to do one month away from your move, two weeks before, one week before, one day before and day of move.


If you choose to do your own packing, here are some handy tips to help you pack efficiently and prevent damage. Get your move started right; find out what supplies you'll need, types of boxes available and how to get organized. With the following guides and suggestions, you'll find packing isn't as hard as you first imagined.

Don't forget that we offer a complete line of packing supplies such as boxes, custom crating, shrink and bubble wrap, packing paper, tape as well as mattress bags.


  • It is better to use less boxes for breakables and pack more in them than to put one or two breakables in many boxes.
  • Use lots of packing paper and pad the top and bottom of the box well. Wrap individual pieces in packing paper. (We do not recommend using newspaper.)
  • Use a "layering" method and separate layers periodically with thick packing paper.
  • Fill the entire box before starting another box of dishes.
  • Make sure items in the box are secure and cannot move.
  • Fill each box completely.


  • Use a standard picture box and cover the sides with packing paper.
  • >Place packing paper along the sides and edges of the pictures to prevent it from moving inside the box.
  • Place no more than 2 pictures per box.
  • Keep the box right side up at all times.


  • Use small book boxes. The industry standard is 18"x12".
  • Reinforce the bottom of the box.
  • Do not pack them so heavy that the cardboard tears or bends.


  • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, or let us rod strap transfer them. Wardrobe boxes are not necessary if the clothes are being moved into storage.
  • Put shoes or bedding in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes.
  • Use linen boxes for all other clothes.


  • Pack TV's, stereo components, computers, microwaves, etc. in their original boxes, or we will wrap them in heavy moving pads.
  • Label all of the boxes "FRAGILE" if applicable.

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